MEGA aims to produce technical literatures for their industrial gases industry in the Middle East.

These shall include standards, safety newsletters, position papers and best practice documents and recommendations for safety and environmental care in the production, storage and distribution of industrial gases in line with practices in Europe, Far East and the US.

MEGA publications are made available to the general public on its website and additional MEGA internal documents on the Members Section only.

Public Access:

  • TN      -   x.x.x/year
  • DOC  -   x.x.x/year
  • SN     -   x.x.x/year
  • SL      -   x.x.x/ year
  • PP      -   x.x.x/year

Members Section:

  • Safety Alerts
  • Training Packages
  • MEGA Office Documents
  • SA    -   x.x.x/year (members only)
  • TP    -    x.x.x/year (members only)
  • OD   -    x.x.x/year (members only)